Rich Off Reefer is a leading marijuana business network, dedicated to obsessively profiling the marijuana business, reviewing new marijuana products, and breaking marijuana news. We provide information on marijuana related stocks and tips to give you more bang for your buck. We also provide marketing and promotional services for marijuana related businesses that want to get there products out to the public.



Rich Off Reefer helps organizations launch their cannabis related products and takes the pain out of finding great graphic design and marketing services.
From creating your logo to your first purchase order, we have you covered. We provide full service marketing, starting from logo design, website, content creation, packaging, social media management and more.

We are here to help marijuana related business owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing in order to maximize the potential of their marijuana business. We are a team of tech-forward marketing professionals who are constantly working for YOU, always providing the latest information, tips, secrets, and top product releases from experts and companies in our field to bring you what works specifically in the emerging marijuana industry.